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In the right hands, Stretch Tents can be exceptionally beautiful event structures for weddings and events. Freestretch prides itself on being at the cutting edge of what is possible to create with Stretch Tents and we provide astonishing examples of Stretch Tents every time, without exception. Freestretch has been supplying Stretch Tents in Newtown from our base near Leominster since 2013. We have provided Stretch Tents in Newtown for Weddings - Wedding ceremonies - Birthday parties - Food Festivals - Festivals - Christenings - Wakes and many more.

Please use or enquiry form or phone to start a conversation about how Freestretch can provide an absolutely outstanding Stretch Tent for your event!

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Stretch Tents are exceptionally versatile and in the right hands, a very great deal of variety and uniqueness can be imparted onto the fabric to enable a vast amount of reinvention. Freestretch takes this challenge very seriously as a matter of artistic endeavour and as a matter of honour to our customers who want, deserve, should and can expect their event and Stretch Tent to be as exceptional as it can possibly be.

wedding venues in and around Newtown

Freestretch provides Stretch Tents to the UK’s most magical Wedding Venues in and around Newtown. Our installations have featured in a number of high profile blogs. Freestretch is consistently picked out from the pack by the most ambitious and detail orientated wedding professionals and venues as there go to supplier for consistently exceptional and groundbreaking utilisations of Stretch Tent fabrics.

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